Got an Idea?
it, Own it!

inKsightTM is a service model which we endeavour to incorporate in each of our client-attorney or client-agent practices. We believe that each client has a thorough understanding of their Intellectual Property when it comes to marketability and business sense. We provide an on-paper perspective in relation to protecting any and each of those Intellectual Property Rights. While the client's look-up view is from one angle, we provide at least two different look-up views as far as IPR protection is concerned; one from gaining a tangible certificate and authorization from a Government body, and other from an infringer's / copier's / pirate's point of view so that all plausible steps of protection are covered.

inKsightTM shall also feature innovative proprietary products, solutions, and services, as listed below:

  • Launching Product Testing and Product Protection in a simultaneous dual-track mode; under one roof.
  • Launching Knowledge Technology – Intellectual Property Rights – Partnership ( program with various universities.
  • Launching Search Analytics and new-age crowdsourced solutions.
  • Launching IP management automated and personal solutions.
  • Launching collaborative off-shore solutions in the Intellectual Property Arena.
  • Launching searching libraries.
  • Launching Grassroot Innovation Incubators' project.

Do lookout for more on this space, soon!