About Us
Creating cornerstones and defining the boundaries of a profound and powerful intangible asset; Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)

Ink Ideé germinated from the zest to serve qualitatively; to serve the industry, academia, individuals, small businesses, large corporations; everyone who feel the need and share the seed of innovation and creation, and more so, to define their Intellectual Property and protect their Intellectual Property, both of which help proliferate the individual status as well as the corresponding businesses.

Our foundation pillars lie in:

  • Diversity of strengths in understanding clients' needs, seamlessly; under one roof.
  • Services, at par, with international standards.
  • Resourceful commitment towards a variety of clients.
  • Zestful and ardent interest in protecting legal and technical rights of our clients.

INK IDEÉ, essentially provides a single canopy under which all forms of IPR services can be assertively serviced. With a nationwide client list, and garnering increasing client support from offshore locations, we present competitive technical and legal professionals to represent each of our clients. Depending on the nature of the service, a hybrid team of techno-legal professionals is assembled to provide end-to-end solutions.

Of course, each client's needs may be tailor-made and customised. We understand technology. We understand legality. And we blend these two to cater to a spectrum of clients; with ease.

INK IDEÉ has its head office in a Mumbai suburb; nestled at stone's throw from a number of industrial belts which makes it convenient for us to make client visits and industry calls. We have a team of registered Patent Agents, registered Trade Mark agents, lawyers practicing at the District Court and High Court; which enables us to provide a proprietary blend of personnel and services to understand the project at hand.

Diverging away from traditional Intellectual Property Rights' roles, INK IDEÉ proudly presents INKSIGHTTM, which offers new age solutions and other proprietary services that result from the innovative service model that we practice at INK IDEÉ.



Chirag Tanna
Mr. Chirag Tanna, a registered Patent Agent, holds a Master's degree in Bioengineering from UK, a Post-Graduate Diploma in Bioinformatics from India, and a Bachelor's degree in Electronics Engineering from India which puts him on a platform wherein he is thorough with the engineering sector as well as the life sciences fields. Additionally, his experience in a proprietary business has helped him traverse through the entire life cycle of patents encompassing all the fields of engineering. He has comprehensive knowledge of original patent drafting and filing in India as well as internationally.

He is an inventor with several patent applications pending.
He has also been involved in professing his skills to LPOs and KPOs on a variety of projects.
He has talked, researched, written at various conferences and institutions in relation to IPR.
He consults in all IPR matters including Patents, Trade Marks, Copyrights, and Designs.
Links to his articles, papers, presentation material can be found here

Advocate Shrikant Tanna and Advocate Roshan Tanna
Both, registered Trade Mark Attorneys, and practicing advocates represent clients at the Trade Mark registry and courts of law.

Juilee Bhansali
Our business intelligence is spearheaded by Ms. Juilee Bhansali. With an MBA from USA and an MS from UK, she understands the force that drives this industry, the latent potential in firms, and strives to bridge the nexus between them and us.

She also indulges in IP valuation exercises.